Billtown Blues Challenge

The Billtown Blues Challenge will be kicking off the Billtown Blues Festival in 2021!


About The Audition Concert

The Billtown Blues Challenge Festival Audition Concert is held every Spring to determine the opening act of the Billtown Blues Festival. Acts are chosen by the BBA audition committee to compete for the coveted position from applications submitted from top local and regional BLUES performers.

Working blues performers interested in participating should fill out and mail in an Application. The winning acts not only will play our Festival, but are also eligible to submit for acceptance in the International Blues Challenge talent competition sponsored by the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN as representatives of the Billtown Blues Association, in addition all winners are invited to perform at Destination Blues and/or the Listening Room in Bloomsburg, projects of The Exchange.

Click here for more details on the IBC and eligibility criteria.

The participants will be judged and the winners determined by all eligible voting BBA members in attendance at the Audition Concert (see below for voting eligibility rules). Eligible BBA members can pick up their ballots at the Audition Concert, at the table at the entrance to the Genetti ballroom.

These concerts began in 1993. Check out our archives for more information on the history of this event and past participants and winners.

Blues Challenge Format

The SOLO/DUO & BAND Audition Sets are no longer separated, but rather alternated throughout the evening. To participate as a BBA judge, you MUST obtain your ballot, which will include ALL of the performing musicians, before 4pm. Doors open at 3pm. No ballots will be issued once the first act begins.

Audition Concert Voting Eligibility Rules

BBA members eligible to vote at the Festival Audition Concert are: 
• Members with an expiration date in the current year.

(Reminder: BBA membership year is July 1 to June 30 of the following year, regardless of when you joined or renewed your membership during the calendar year.) 

New and renewing memberships will be accepted the day of the audition concert, but you will NOT be eligible to vote at this event.


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