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Only working Blues Musicians based in Pennsylvania will be considered.

If selected, all performing members of your band as described below, must be present at the Audition Concert on Sunday, March 5, 2023. If you win the audition, all performing members of your act as described below must be present to perform at the 33rd Annual Billtown Blues Festival, weekend of June 9th & 10th, 2023. You cannot compete as a solo/duo artist and also compete with a band. The completion and submission of the application does not guarantee acceptance. The audition winners in each category will be eligible to submit for acceptance in the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis for 2024. The winners will also have a guarantee performance “opportunity" at the Exchange Listening Room (2023). (For more details on the IBC and eligibility criteria, visit or


As our Association does not charge an entrance fee, ALL participating applicants must be a member of the Billtown Blues Association. Example: 5 band members = 5 memberships, same for Solo/Duo


To be considered for acceptance in the BBA Audition Concert, all of the following items must be included with your application:


  1. Two 300 dpi COLOR photos (originals) for publicity purposes (Absolutely NO ink jet or laser prints, or newspaper photos please.) To maximize your publicity opportunity, we ask for a photo(s) in a horizontal and a vertical format.


  1. A biography on the members of your band, to be used for publicity purposes.


  1. A CD with three of your songs, or individual mp3 files. (If there are more than three songs included on the CD, please indicate which three you want to be considered.)


  1. BBA membership for all participating applicants.


NOTE: You may E-mail items 1, 2, and 3, above or include them on a CD. If you choose to do so, the COLOR photo size is 4” x 6”, 300 dpi resolution in .jpg or .pdf format. The bio must be a Microsoft Word document (.doc) or the text embedded in the body of the E-mail. Depending on the .mp3 file size you may need to send each song separately. If using E-mail please send to address below and in the subject line enter: “BBA Audition Application” or it will not be accepted.


Applications must be submitted on or before January 15th, 2023

Mail or email this completed application (no hand deliveries please) and the four required items above to:


QUESTIONS: Please email Kendall Palmatier @

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