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2019 Billtown Blues Challenger Criteria


  1. All performers in both the band and solo/duo competition must be present to sign in at the Genetti Hotel no later than 3:00 pm. Upon signing in there will be a meeting with all participating artists.

  2. All participating acts can not advertise/promote any information pertaining to competing in the BBA auditions through any/all social media before receiving the acceptance package in the mail. A submission does not guarantee acceptance.

  3. A Billtown Blues Committee member will oversee the loading of the handicapped elevator to avoid overloading and damage, if use is permitted by the Genetti Hotel. If not, equipment will be transported using the kitchen ramp.

  4. Only band members with equipment/instruments are to use the handicap elevator. All band guests please use Main Ballroom Entrance.

  5. Due to limited seating everyone except performing musicians must pay the admission fee and should report to the admission table upon arrival for payment and arm-banding.

  6. All performers are fully responsible for their own equipment. The BBA will not be held responsible or liable.

  7. All participating musicians at this event receives a Saturday ticket ($40 value) to the 30th Annual Billtown Blues Festival. Friday and Sunday tickets would need to be purchased separately.

  8. In accordance with the current rules and criteria set forth by the Blues Foundation for affiliated Blues Societies we must implement this point reduction system: a) There will be a 1 point deduction per each band member being late for the 3:00 pm checkin/orientation. b) There is a 1 point deduction for every 10 seconds over allotted time.  c) There will be a 1 point deduction for being 3 minutes or more under allotted time.  d) There is a 1 point deduction for failing to acknowledge a song is a cover and not giving credit to its originator.

  9. Each solo/duo act will perform a 25 minute set with a 5 minute change over. Each band will perform a 25 minute set with a 10 minute change over.

  10. All performances will be judged in the categories of a) blues content, b) talent, c) vocals, d) originality and stage presence in accordance with IBC rules.

  11. All performers must bring their own instruments with the exception of drums and a bass rig (confirm status of bass rig in advance).

  12. Drummers are welcome to bring their own kick pedal, cymbals, snare and throne.

  13. Piano/organ and guitar amps are not provided.

  14. Guitarists: Guitar amps are to be 15-20 watt amps!

  15. A stage plot and input list must be received by Tom & Lori Butler no later than Friday, Feb. 22, 2019.16.

  16. We cannot except changes to the stage plot and input list after Friday, March 1, 2019.

  17. All performers must be present during the counting of the votes.

  18. The winners of both the band competition and the solo/duo competition will perform on the Sun-Gazette Main Stage at the 30th Annual Billtown Blues Festival.

  19. The winner of the band and solo/duo will be eligible to compete in the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis, TN in January 2020 and also eligible to perform at Destination Blues and/or The Listening Room, projects of THE EXCHANGE in Bloomsburg.

  20. We ask the winners who decide to go to Memphis to the IBC to write a short story of their experience for reprint in the Billtown Blue Notes. Deadline for submission of this story is February 6, 2020 21.

  21. Audition concert performers are not eligible to vote and will not receive a ballot.

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