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34th Annual Billtown Blues Festival




Friday - June 21st: $40.00

Saturday - June 22nd: $50.00

2 Day Bundle: $85.00



When making your ticket purchase you are agreeing you have read the event guidelines and are willing to abide by the rules and conditions as stated and will assume all risk.







The Genetti Hotel

200 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA - 24/7

Community Arts Center

220 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA

When Box Office is open, generally 10-5 M-F

The Lockard Agency

165 E Water St, Hughesville, PA 

9a-5p M,Tu,Th,Fr and 9-12 Wed 


Music One

21 E Main St, Lock Haven, PA


Teri MacBride by Appointment

in Lewisburg, PA

570-309-7953 or


  1. Music only ticket holders or purchasing tickets at the entrance gate day of show will enter via East Lycoming St.

  2. Music only tickets are available ONLINE where you can choose to select your tickets,  a) print at home, or b) held at Will Call.   Ticket purchases at fourteen days or less in front of Festival day are limited to WILL CALL only.

  3. All Will Call tickets will require ID verification at the entrance gate.

  4. Each day of music will require a separate ticket and wrist band except for those who purchased the 2-day bundle all music - ticket - one ticket, one armband for BOTH days and easy access in and out. 

  5. You may purchase by check, sending us your ticket order and a self-stamped addressed envelope.  All orders by check received later than June 4th will be held at WILL CALL.  

  6. Music only patrons should bring a standard size lawn chair, umbrellas can be used BETWEEN MUSIC performances for needed weather protection and sunscreen.  A cooler is permitted.

  7. A variety of food vendors are on site.

  8. There are designated areas for day-trippers who wish to set up a canopy (due to space and stage viewing limitations, tents in this area are prohibited).  If you are a multi-day ticket holder, you may collapse your canopy and leave it on the grounds overnight.  Please maintain your area prior to leaving for the day. 

  9. The Billtown Blues Association nor the Lycoming County Fairgrounds are responsible for any personnel items left unattended on the grounds.   

  10. Prohibited in the music area are: all glass (entire grounds are used for horse shows and 4-H animal exhibits following the Festival), all pets (except documented service dogs), all weapons, all Illegal substancesall lasers, drones, and Chinese lanterns

  11. The general parking area for music only guests will be cleared of all vehicles at the conclusion of each night’s programming.  


  1. The Camper/RV on-site lodging package, includes your individual camping space, (approx. 25’ x 40’), water and electric hookups, “real” restrooms with showers, all located in a private camping area on the event grounds, PLUS music tickets for both days. 

  2. The Car/Tent onsite package includes your individual camping space (approx. 12’ x 40’), “real restrooms” with showers, PLUS music tickets for both days located in a private camping area on the event grounds.  

  3. Kids under 16 years old receive complimentary admission.  Except for infants, security requires all kids and adults on the grounds wear a wrist band upon admission.  

  4. To prevent overselling available camping space, all Camper/RV and Car/Tent spaces are sold “in advance” of June 9th. 

  5. We cannot “reserve” camping spaces.  All Camper/RV and Car/Tent positioning is on a 1st come basis; with the exception of those with HC designation.  A limited number of closer access spaces will be held for those with HC designation.  Prior request is required - CLICK HERE.

  6. When ordering your camping package, select your tickets based on whether you are the owner/driver (21 or over and space registrant), or an additional camper.  Prices DO differ for camper owner vs. guest camper.  Applies to both Camper/RV and Car/Tent purchasers. The Camper/RV or Car/Tent, owner/driver, who purchased as such will verify with ID when entering the camping area. 

  7. Camper/RV and Car/Tent packages provide space adequate for one additional vehicle (van, truck or car) in the lodging space.

  8. The designated camping area is restricted and private to those who have purchased a camping package.  No one is permitted to the camping area for any reason without a weekend camping package ticket.

  9. If you have purchased a camping package, planning to join others in your party, but driving in separately, you will follow entrance signs for camping.  There is adequate space for one additional vehicle in each camping space and a nearby alternate location to park your vehicle.  This same parking location is available to those campers who wish to “unhook” upon arrival. 

  10. For Camper/RV and Car/Tent package owners who wish to “neighbor” with others, we ask that you stage outside of the Fairgrounds and enter in tandem.  

  11. CLICK HERE  - for an aerial view of the Fairgrounds and camping area.

  12. There is a unique entrance to access for everyone who has purchased a Camping package, via Broadway – and signage to the entrance gate. 

  13. Although the grounds are secured and monitored over night, there will be a single entrance for overnight lodgers to exit and re-enter if needed.  

  14. Campers may build a campfire in your designated lodging area, however it must be within a contained wall and always attended.

  15. We ask for “quiet time” after 1am for those who wish to sleep.  

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